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Legendary time-traveling writer H.G. Wells (Paul F. Tompkins) welcomes literary giants to The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles for a lively discussion in front of a live audience. Unscripted, barely researched, all fun! Guests include Andy Richter, Maya Rudolph, Matt Gourley, Jen Kirkman, Andy Daly, Scott Aukerman, John Ross Bowie and many more! Follow us on Twitter: @DeadAuthorPod. For more information on The Echo Park Time Travel Mart and 826LA’s many tutoring and writing programs, visit
Chapter 4: Benjamin Franklin, featuring Scott Aukerman

Chapter 4: H.G. Wells (Paul F. Tompkins) welcomes author, inventor, diplomat and party animal Benjamin Franklin (Scott Aukerman) to the Dead Authors stage for an oft-sprited, oft-absurd, and oft-off-kilter discussion about God knows what. It must be heard to be believed, and even after hearing it you should still check three sources.  Ambassador Franklin is a bit of a libertine when it comes to naughty words, so plug your ears up, you bunch of nuns! (Sorry, It's infectious!)

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  • Dear H.G. Wells, As a product of your time, I can excuse your views on the sexes, however I do feel I should mention that your feud with Jules Verne is beside the point as science fiction was invented by Mary Shelley. While you are in our time, be sure to catch Ridley Scott's exciting docu-series on scienfiction known as Ridley Scott's Prophets of Science Fiction. When you return in time, you will have a ton of ideas to steal and perhaps ruin PK Dick's life. Thanks for the good times! -David

    posted by: David on 2011-12-11 02:06:04

  • is robert englund doing the podcast circuit now?

    posted by: ander on 2011-12-07 12:45:06

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