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Appendix B: Friederich Nietzsche and H.P. Lovecraft, featuring James Adomian and Paul Scheer

As you await the incipient arrival of Chapter 8 and dear Aesop (not to mention Chapter 2 and long-lost Robert Louis Stevenson), please allow H.G. Wells [Paul F. Tompkins] to divert your attentions with this particularly potty treasure (?) from our archives, with special (??) guests (???) Friedrich Nietzsche [James Adomian] and H.P. Lovecraft [Paul Scheer]. Note: if you are easily offended, you may find this one a bit challenging. Mostly because it very rarely makes any sense AT ALL.

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  • I laughed so hard at Paul's/Lovecraft's rant against the Dutch that I nearly crashed the car. Holy cats these two authors are perfect together.

    posted by: Klara on 2014-02-15 05:25:24

  • Best 'literary' meets 'comedy' Podcast EVER. Tompkins is the most brilliant comedian/storyteller I've ever heard. I listen to a lot of comedy 'casts , but this one is truly a work of art. I love you ,Mr Tompkins.

    posted by: Devin Nelson on 2013-03-20 13:55:33

  • PLEASE tell me there is video of this. This episode was spectacular!

    posted by: Shepard Kahn on 2012-11-04 18:53:15

  • holy cats, i've died and gone to dead author heaven! stumbled across your podcast recently and, on a whim, listened to the carl sagan episode . . . which nearly got me thrown off the bus, i was laughing so hard. i've since started working my way through your back catelogue (now while walking to and from work so i don't incur the wrath of humourless transit drivers) and this episode absolutely had me howling!! whoever had the brilliantly misguided idea about putting nietzsche and lovecraft together has earned my enduring admiration. thanks for a great series, which i will continue to follow faithfully. here's hoping that slack-ass robert louis stevenson shows up someday.

    posted by: john threlfall on 2012-06-04 01:52:27

  • Though I love them all I think this is my favorite Dead Authors Podcast. Really hilarious, I cant wait to listen again. Thank you Mr. Wells for getting these chaps on your fine podcast.

    posted by: Jessica on 2012-05-27 18:30:58

  • YES! I love you. Truly I do.

    posted by: Jordan on 2012-05-10 04:56:43

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